Successful Winter Holidays in Béarn



Winter holidays often rhyme with ski resorts! But with family, friends or even as a couple, it's not always to everyone's liking to open and close the slopes every day!

Our solution for a vacation that everyone can enjoy? Stay at the foot of the mountains!

Béarn is full of magnificent places to discover; and staying at the Relais du Faget allows you to discover a new spot every day and satisfy everyone's desires by varying the activities.

Here is our selection for a successful winter vacation in Béarn:

  • · For lovers of board sports , there's nothing like hitting the slopes facing the iconic peaks of Béarn! Choose one day to go skiing facing the famous Pic du Midi d'Ossau from the Artouste Station , and the next, to spend a day at La Pierre Saint Martin, at the foot of the Pic d'Anie.
  • ·For the intrepid who want to tread on the pristine snow, try the adventure of ski touring , let yourself be guided by a mountain professional and enjoy a day alone in the world in the wild landscapes.
  • · For those who like to take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the landscape, try snowshoeing !
  • Solo: on the courses of the Issarbe station, that of Somport . Or accompanied by a guide: to explore the Ayous lakes, the Anéou Plateau or the Lescun Circus .
  • · For those who just want to rest (because after all, that's what holidays are for too): immerse yourself in a high-altitude Nordic bath in Artouste or at the Espace du Somport and simply relax.
  • · For those who dream of heights and want to admire the landscape from another angle, opt for a plane ride above the snow-capped mountains from Hérrère Aerodrome at the entrance to the Ossau Valley.
  • · For those who are accompanied by their children, many activities also await you. The timeless snowman competitions or toboggan races, of course, but also dog sled rides , a snowy zip line , or even a snow groomer ride !

Here's something to please everyone while enjoying the snow!

But sometimes, the weather gets involved and the conditions are not right for going to the mountains... Never mind! Here again, staying in the foothills allows you to establish plans B:

  • - Gostroll around town and discover Pau, the Château of Henri IV and the Boulevard des Pyrénées.
  • - Walk through the small town of Oloron Ste Marie with its 3 historic districts and take the opportunity to play an Escape Game or shop for chocolates at the Lindt factory store.
  • - Go for a day Tasting Jurançon in the nearby wine estates and take the opportunity to make a cultural stop in the village of Monein by visiting the Church of St Giron , or gourmet in the village of Lasseube at the Mademoiselle Valentine tea room .

After your days in the great outdoors, return to the warm Relais lounge and enjoy a nice hot drink by the fireplace to warm up, debrief and plan the next day's outing!

And finally, spend a sweet night's sleep in the large, cozy beds of your suites, knowing that before setting off on new adventures, a gourmet breakfast awaits you!!

For winter holidays in Béarn,

On your hats, set, go!!